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About Us

We connect people. Indeed, it’s all we do.

Conecta Latam is a  specialist  in creating industry leading meetings in Latin America. We are passionate about Latin America and our purpose is facilitating knowledge and networking for executives in the whole region. We work with a customer-focused strategy to deliver high-quality summits, facilitating networking and experiences and bringing together senior executives from the Telecom and ICT industry under the same roof.

We understand technology and telecommunications are the main motors for societies transformation and we contribute for a increasingly connected and digital territory.



Conecta Latam Team has over 18 years’ experience in the Telecom and ICT Industry in Latin America managing meetings and conferences across the region and creating new leading events following the market evolution.


What we do

We are your ideal partner for events in Latin America!



Turning meetings into business

We deliver high-quality events assembling the telecom and tech industry and presenting a complete picture of the market. Our Summits discuss current industry challenges and opportunities engaging operators, vendors, regulators and all telecom community.


Designing a custom event

We help you organize dedicated meetings to meet your needs. This is the right solution for companies that want to launch new products and solutions for a selected audience and promote them without any competitors around. We can also help you with relationship meetings, technical workshops, and other bespoke activities.


Partnerships are welcome!

If you are an operator, a regulator or an industry association and need a partner to organize your event, we can support you on whatever you require from logistics, promotion to even managing the entire event.


Why attend Conecta Latam Events?

What makes our event platforms unique? Relationship matters more here than in other regions of the world. Doing business in Latin America and the Caribbean is a challenge: it takes time, dedication/commitment, patience and strong connections. Attending Conecta events will help you with new business opportunities and partnerships for you and your company.

Technology and Telecommunications will keep transforming our society!

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