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Conectalk - Episode 6 - The importance of Smart Cities at the moment like this

Previously overlooked projects will need to be resumed to meet new demands in this new way of living.

In this week's episode, Leticia Latino, President and CEO of Neptuno, talked to us about how the theme Smart Cities is being thought about at the current moment.

She talked about how technology has saved people at times like this and how we have been able to continue our lives thanks to technology.

Both the operators and the cities will have to rethink priorities and bring up plans previously left in the background to, thus, meet the New Normal.

For listen the full interview, click here.

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There are many smart cities in the world that are actively working and compatible with the several other cities. The connect talk is also about the bestdissertation in which the important moments of the cities with the beautiful gestures are mentioned for the public opinion and joyousness.

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