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Mobile World Congress 2019, the future is here!

One more year of the Conecta Latam at Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest mobile technology event. In this edition we could live many experiences proving that the connectivity is already on another level.

We saw a lot of cases in Barcelona:

Intelligent and friendly cars, which interact natturaly with the drivers combining voice and gesture in various ways, besides advice them about the better options of mobility based on their personal preferences and the commitments of the day. They also can communicate with another cars, with the roadside infrastructure and drive for you when you are tired.

Intuitive robots, that are improving the work not just in industry, but specially at home. And we are not talking about “hands job”, we are talking about humanized functions, like playing with our children, supporting old people, interacting emotionally with alone people or playing a piano, if you want a performance.  

Mobile phones, that became more intelligent and functional to satisfy all the needs of users. New forms (longer, thinner and one special type that can fold in half) and a kind of battery capable of withstanding for a week are coming.

These are just some of the examples that showed us that the natural trend of technology is produce machines that can understand information like humans, in order to provides more relevant and emotional results. And it doesn’t mean we will be replaced. The proposal of the new age is make a combination of tasks assignments between things and people.

All this appeared beside the great topic of the event: 5G! After 4 intense days inside #MWC universe, the tech market is looking forward to 5G revolution. The fifth generation will be propably the main responsible for a deep transformation in society in a very near future. Get the next wave depends on offering a good service to anyone, anywhere, in real time. There is definitely a lot of challenges, but is a wonderful scenery of opportunities to telecom companies.

A big world of exciting possibilities is open!


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