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For the 2022 edition we had the Conecta Latam Awards, intended for service providers, operators, regulators and telecommunications professional. The winners were announced at a ceremony on November 14, 2022 at Conecta Latam Digital Transformation & Innovation in Miami.

AWARDS CATEGORIES AND WINNERS: 1) Telecommunications professional of the Year (Individual Award) This award recognizes the telecom industry executive with a minimum of 10 consecutive years of role and has demonstrated outstanding business success, leadership qualities, disruptive initiatives & community service throughout his/her career, by public vote.

Winner: Albervan Luz, Head/Director e-Care, CLARO BRASIL

2) Most Connected Woman of the Year (Individual Award)

This award distinguishes woman that is driving innovation, and had truly made a difference in their company, telecom industry and community, by public vote.

Winner: Nicole Rodríguez van den Branden, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, AT&T Mexico

3) Best Digital Transformation Project (Applicable for service provider)

This award will be won by the project that has done most to bring about digital transformation in an organization and can best demonstrate the resulting benefits.


CATEL - imowi - MVNO

CLARO BRASIL and DIAL MY APP - The disruptive and winning way to transform customer behavior, delighting them straight to digital

4) Best Operator Innovation of the Year (Applicable for service provider)

The winner will be the operator that can best demonstrate significant achievement over the past couple of years in innovation by whichever KPIs you want it to be judged. These could include business growth, technological achievement or product innovation.

Winner: MILLICOM - TIGO 5) Telecom Regulator of the Year (Applicable for regulators)

This award recognizing a new or innovative policy and regulatory approaches. Recognizes an outstanding contribution and achievement by a regulator advancing efficient and effective telecoms policy.


Also, we would like to thank so much for our Judging committee: - Alexandra Contreras Flores, Cullen International

- Ari Lopes, OMDIA

- Gerardo Mantilla, Artifex Consulting LLC

- Ignacio Perrone, Frost & Sullivan

- Jesús Romo, GLOBALDATA

- Renato Pasquini, Frost & Sullivan

- Sonia Agnese, OMDIA


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